3 Signs Your Largo, FL Home Has Humidity Issues

The Largo, Florida, area is certainly no stranger to excessive humidity. When humid air resides indoors, it can lead to a variety of problems. Here are three key signs that your home likely exceeds the optimal humidity range of around 30 to 50 percent.

Condensation on Windows

It’s not uncommon to see condensation on the outside surfaces of your windows, especially during hot and humid weather. If moisture frequently condenses on the inside surfaces of your windows, however, it’s a sure sign of a humidity problem. If this happens often enough, the moisture may eventually lead to wood rot. A dehumidifier is typically the simplest way to control moisture and prevent this from happening.

Visible Moisture Damage

Have you noticed the paint or wallpaper in your home beginning to crack or peel? Do your ceilings or walls show evidence of water stains? If so, it’s likely you have a substantial moisture problem. Too much humidity can even cause window casings, wall paneling and other exposed pieces of wood to rot. If you have hardwood floors, you may also notice cupping. This happens when the planks begin to expand, press against one another and deform into convex shapes.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

In addition to your comfort, humidity can also have important effects on your well-being. High humidity can trigger biological growth, aid in the spread of airborne pathogens and exacerbate dust mite issues. It can also make it more difficult to breathe. As a result, it’s important to be aware of health symptoms that may be related to humidity and indoor air quality issues. This includes frequent headaches, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, respiratory problems, nose bleeds and irritation of the eyes, nose or throat.

With risks including biological growth, water damage, pest problems and poor air quality, it’s clear excessive humidity can wreak havoc. Fortunately, a dehumidifier is often enough to remedy the problem. To get started, check out Arctic Air Systems’ indoor air quality solutions or call (727) 877-3396.

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