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Are you experiencing headaches, dizziness, fatigue or recurring colds? It’s time to audit your indoor air quality.

When we think about air quality, our thoughts instantly turn to outside pollen and pollutants, yet our indoor environments are filled with up to five times higher concentrations of impurities, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This has led to increased cases of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory ailments, making it one of our nation’s top environmental dangers.

While our tightly sealed homes have drastically improved energy efficiency by trapping temperature-controlled air, they also capture dust, dirt, dander, chemicals and other airborne contaminants. Since your home’s HVAC system is responsible for clearing out these irritants, sufficient ventilation and adequate air exchange are critical to living in a healthy home.

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Arctic Air Systems Creates Safe Indoor Environments

Arctic Air Systems wants to make sure that your home is a safe place to be. When Largo residents request an air quality audit, an expert HVAC technician will:

  • Review the home’s humidity levels to ensure it falls within the safe range.
  • Test the ventilation system for punctures, blockages and harmful contaminants.
  • Clear, replace or upgrade the filtration system to catch smaller materials.

Based on our analysis of your home and your family’s needs, you will get a personalized plan of action to improve the indoor air quality. Arctic Air Systems technicians can easily modify any HVAC system by adding Energy Star solutions designed to remove minuscule particulates from the air you are breathing.

Innovative Air Quality Solutions for Largo Homes


Air Cleaners

HEPA-certified air cleaners excel at capturing dust particles, pet dander and seasonal pollen. Electronic versions are 40 times more effective at removing irritants from the air than replaceable air filters.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier’s superpower is zapping airborne pathogens that cause illnesses. The air is sanitized from viruses, bacteria, chemicals, fungus and odors by emitting negative ions, heat or ultraviolet technology.

Air Humidifiers

Air humidifiers balance the moisture in your home, preventing the air from becoming too dry or saturated, both of which aggravate allergies and asthma systems.


Whole-home ventilators work independently of the HVAC system to constantly supply an exchange of fresh air while balancing the temperature and humidity of incoming air.

Journey toward living a healthier life by contacting your local air quality company. Our service area includes Largo, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor, Seminole, FL and the surrounding areas.

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