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Whether you are searching for an affordable option for cooling your home or you need to combat an aggravating hot spot, Arctic Air Systems can quickly solve your problem with our ductless air conditioning solutions. These mini-split systems operate independently of ducting systems, making them an easy, affordable method for pumping cool air into any room.

Mini Split

The Innovative Design of Ductless Air Conditioning

Like a window unit, a ductless air conditioner delivers air directly into a room, but it is typically mounted on the wall or installed flush in the ceiling. A small conduit tube, which houses the refrigerant and condensate drain, connects the indoor air handler to an outdoor compressor that contains the fan and condenser coil. The scaled-down system is perfect for single rooms yet powerful enough to handle up to four zones.

The Impressive Benefits of Duct-Free AC

As consumers begin to understand the impressive benefits of ductless AC systems, inventory from more manufacturers is increasing. Mini-split AC systems are expected to account for 15 percent of new installations in the coming years because they offer:

  • Speedy Installation: Without the need to connect to ductwork, an Arctic Air Systems technician can typically complete your project in less than a day.
  • More Affordability: Available at a significantly lower price, even higher-end ductless equipment is lower priced than an entry-level AC setup. You’ll also pay less for installation services and utility bills.
  • Higher Efficiency: These smaller systems consume less power while operating and aren’t susceptible to duct leaks, which can waste 25 percent of energy. ENERGY STAR models ensure that you reduce your environmental footprint.

A Versatile AC Solution

Since mini-split air conditioners aren’t tethered to the duct work, houses that utilize non-ducted heating systems now have an option for pumping in cold air. A ductless AC works best in spaces where:

  • Installing or extending ducting is not possible. This setup has allowed our customers to add AC to new additions in their homes, including sunrooms, bonus rooms and garage apartments.
  • Hot spots are a problem. When a centralized AC compressor is not properly sized for the home or the summer sunbeams through a southwest-facing window, these units can provide extra relief in small rooms.
  • New homes are also being outfitted with this high-efficiency technology to create cooling zones, reduce energy waste and minimize maintenance responsibilities.

Mini-Split AC Company in Largo

While homeowners might be tempted to tackle installing a ductless system on their own, doing so will likely void the warranty. Professional attention is necessary to properly seal the wall, carefully handle the sensitive electronics and correctly connect the system to prevent leaks. Our knowledgeable air conditioning technicians will help you evaluate whether a ductless AC setup is the right solution for your home.

Each installation comes with a personalized assessment of your environment to ensure that you get a properly sized unit based on square footage and use of the system. Tap into our expertise in ductless air conditioning technology by contacting our office today.

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