3 Benefits of a Variable-Speed AC System in Palm Harbor, FL

The often sultry weather in Palm Harbor, FL, makes having a reliable air conditioner an absolute necessity. Variable-speed AC systems bring certain advantages with them that make them particularly well-suited to the challenges of a hot climate. Here are three benefits you’ll enjoy if you have a variable-speed AC system:

Greater Energy Efficiency

To keep you comfortable, your AC system doesn’t necessarily always need to run at the same speed. A variable-speed AC system has a compressor that can compress refrigerant at different speeds. These speeds will determine the rate at which your air conditioner will be able to push cool air into your home.

Thus, a variable-speed air conditioner can speed up when necessary and slow down when your home is already pretty cool. This means that the system will be able to use energy much more efficiently and achieve better results with less.

Higher Energy Savings

The most important and immediate consequence of greater energy efficiency is a lower cooling bill. By wasting less energy and calibrating its behavior to your exact needs at any given time, a variable-speed air conditioner will use less power and save you money on electricity.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Since a variable-speed air conditioner will run continuously, it’ll actively filter the air in your home at all times. Therefore, as long as you remember to change your air filters about once every 30-90 days, you’ll probably enjoy markedly better IAQ with a variable-speed AC system than you would with a single-speed air conditioner.

A variable-speed AC system will give you more power to customize your home comfort experience and match it to your needs and desires. The benefits for homeowners in Palm Harbor, FL, are clear. Call Arctic Air Systems to schedule air conditioning services and get one of our variable-speed models today.

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