3 Heat Pump Noises You Can’t Ignore in Palm Harbor, FL

Slight and inconspicuous humming and clicking noises are completely normal if you have a heat pump. However, other sounds can be much more ominous, and your comfort this winter depends on your ability to tell the difference. Here are three heat pump noises you can’t afford to ignore in Palm Harbor, FL:


If you hear bubbling or gurgling noises from your heat pump, it could mean your system is low on refrigerant. Since the refrigerant is part of a closed-loop system, this is usually the result of a leak.

Refrigerant in heat pumps facilitates the transfer of heat. Without enough refrigerant, your heat pump will work poorly or not at all. Chances are that if you hear this noise, you’ve also noticed that your heat pump isn’t working as effectively.

You must request professional repairs or maintenance to refill your heat pump with refrigerant. Refrigerant is a dangerous substance that presents many risks to those who don’t know how to handle it properly.


Generally speaking, there are two principal reasons heat pumps might emit banging noises. The first is that a fan blade is striking a loose component, or perhaps the fan blade itself is loose and striking something. The other is that moisture has gathered and frozen in your system, so the fan is hitting the ice.


Piercing shrieks from your heat pump are just as concerning as they are annoying. Such noises indicate either the inadequate lubrication of crucial parts or a compressor on the verge of failure. HVAC repairs are the only way to truly and reliably eliminate such a cacophonous din.

You should never allow loud heat pump noises to continue without reacting. This passivity could lead to a complete system breakdown. Call us at Arctic Air Systems today to get the best heating repair services in Palm Harbor, FL.

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