How to Choose Between Air Cleaners and Purifiers

Although air cleaners and air purifiers serve the same purpose of improving indoor air quality, they are entirely different in functionality. What is the difference between the two products, and how do they improve indoor air quality in your Largo, FL, home?

Air Cleaners vs. Air Filters

Air cleaners filter out the air and remove pollutants such as dirt and other microscopic organisms. However, air purifiers sanitize the air through emissions of negative ions using UV or UVC lamps. Although air purifiers and air cleaners work to remove contaminants from the air, they use different mechanisms.

Manufacturers use CADR (clean air delivery rate), the number of air exchanges per hour to test an air cleaner’s strength. However, CADR only tests for the presence of large particulates such as pollen and dust. On the other hand, air purifiers purify the air using heat, UV and ozone. They help eliminate the air of microscopic organisms that are less than 3 microns such as bacterial growth, cigarette smoke and VOCs.

How Do Air Cleaners Work?

Air cleaners contain in-built filters in the HVAC system that removes pollutants. You can find these air filters between the air return duct, the furnace and the air conditioner, and they ensure that the air in your house remains clean. Air cleaners are essential because they help extend your HVAC system’s lifespan by preventing the buildup of dust, dirt and other debris in the units.

How Do Air Purifiers Work?

However, air purifiers sanitize the air, and instead of using in-built filters, they use heat, ultraviolet technology or negative ions. Air purifiers clean your home from dust, pet dander and odors, and they may contain features that help destroy bacteria, gaseous products and spores.

The air in your home will pass through the purifier into the air filter before it flows back to your home. There are portable air purifiers, which you can move from one room to another, and whole-home air purifiers that connect to your HVAC system and provide air purification for your entire home.

Benefits of Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Air purifiers and air cleaners are some of the products that improve indoor air quality in your Largo, FL, home. They have plenty of benefits, such as alleviating allergy and asthmatic symptoms.

These IAQ products also help clear the home of dust, pet dander, pollen, dust mites and tobacco smoke. If you reside in Largo, FL, and you are finding it hard to decide between buying an air cleaner or air purifier, contact us at Arctic Air Systems, and our HVAC experts will help you decide on the best products.

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