Is Your HVAC System Costing You Sleep in Seminole, FL?

Your HVAC system is essential for temperature control and directly impacts your monthly expenses. It also plays a role in sleep quality. The quality of your sleep affects many aspects of your life, including your mood, ability to concentrate and reaction time in critical situations. Learn how your HVAC system impacts your sleep quality in Seminole, FL.

Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality means that many particulates circulate in the air you breathe at home. These pollutants include dust, animal dander, pollen, insect debris and other unhealthy elements.

Your home’s air quality leads to poor sleep patterns, increased allergy symptoms and various breathing problems that diminish sleep quality. Replacing air filters and scheduling regular HVAC maintenance are some of the steps to improve your home’s air quality and enjoy better sleep.

Strange Noises

Older HVAC systems and those that require repairs often emit a loud sound when operating. Some air conditioning sounds that interfere with sleep include hissing, squealing and gurgling. Light sleepers are particularly susceptible to loud and unusual AC sounds. These sounds indicate the need for air conditioning repairs or the replacement of an old AC system.


Your HVAC system impacts your indoor humidity level, which is the level of moisture in the air. According to the EPA, the ideal level for humidity in your home is between 30% and 50%.

If the air in your home is too dry, you’ll deal with itchy skin, dry eyes, a scratchy throat and other symptoms. Too much humidity in the air leads to your home feeling hot and sticky. Both of these issues lead to decreased sleep quality.

Stop losing sleep because of your HVAC system today. We’re your trusted source for HVAC services in Seminole, FL. Contact Arctic Air Systems to schedule AC maintenance service for your home.

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