Why Is My Heat Pump in Largo, FL, Heating in Cooling Mode?

A heat pump comes in handy during the summer in Largo, FL, because they create a cool and comfortable indoor environment. However, if your system has any underlying problems, it may not cool the house to your liking. Let’s discuss why a heat pump might heat your home while in cooling mode.

Refrigerant Leaks

Heat pumps eliminate heat from indoor air with the help of a unique fluid called refrigerant. When the indoor temperatures soar, the refrigerant moves to the indoor coil, where it draws heat from the indoor air. The fluid then flows to the outdoor coil, where it releases heat into the outdoor surroundings.

If the refrigerant level drops due to leaks in the refrigerant lines, the amount left fails to move enough heat to the outdoor environment. As a result, your house remains warm. Schedule AC repair services immediately if you detect signs of refrigerant leaks, such as hissing and bubbling sounds.

Faulty Reversing Valve

A reversing valve changes the refrigerant’s direction of flow depending on the season. When you need warmth in your home, the valve allows the refrigerant to bring in heat from outside.

When the hot weather sets in, the valve makes the refrigerant change the direction of flow and start transferring heat from your house to the outdoor environment. If the valve breaks down in the summer heat, it can’t change the direction of the refrigerant’s flow; therefore, the fluid can’t relay heat from your house to the environment.

Clogged Air Filter

Air must pass through the filter before entering the heat pump. If the filter is too dirty, it allows very little air to enter the system. As a result, the system cools and circulates very little air in your house.

Since most of the air remains uncooled, your house stays warm. Replace your air filter often to allow enough air to enter the heat pump.

Instead of speculating why your heat pump is heating your home in cooling mode, call our air conditioning experts at Arctic Air Systems to have it inspected. Our service technicians will diagnose the underlying issues accurately and address them.

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