Why Is My AC in Clearwater, FL Making Strange Sounds?

One of the biggest queries by our clients in Clearwater, FL, is about the noises their AC units make and the significance of those sounds. For most homeowners, it can be overwhelming if your air conditioner is making strange and loud noises because the newest ACs are very quiet. There are a few common sounds that come from air conditioners, and each one indicates a particular cause or potential problem.

A Squealing Noise

High-pitched squealing sounds are indicative of belt issues. Your air conditioner might make a squealing noise if the motor-connecting belt has slipped.

In some dangerous cases, high pressure in the compressor of your AC could be the cause. In these instances, ensure that you switch off your AC and reach out to an HVAC professional.

Older air conditioner models are primarily associated with these high-pitched sounds. One way to get rid of the problem is to upgrade or install a newer model.

A Buzzing Sound

A constantly buzzing sound could be signaling that your AC is faulty or suffering from electrical issues. Loose parts and debris in the system are probably the leading causes of the buzzing noise. In addition, leaks in the AC refrigerant can cool down your system, causing it to malfunction and to emit the buzzing sound.

If your AC has electrical shortcomings, it tends to produce a vibrating noise. Some of the related problems could be loose wiring, a condenser fan motor or the circuit breaker. You’ll need to call an HVAC technician for repair services.

A Rattling Noise

If your AC is rattling, consider checking the assembly motor or its blower. If your motor gets loose, it tosses and moves around in the condenser unit. That movement causes the rattling sound.

A noisy HVAC system can disrupt your comfort. Therefore, if your indoor air conditioning system or outdoor AC is noisy, consider talking to our repair and maintenance experts at Arctic Air Systems.

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