Why Won’t My Heat Pump Stay on in Seminole, FL?

Even though temperatures don’t get too low in Seminole, FL, it’s important that your heat pump keeps you warm during the winter months. That’s not possible if your heat pump won’t operate. Understanding the causes of this problem is critical to ensuring your home’s heating system remains efficient and effective.

Thermostat Defects

A faulty thermostat often leads to short cycling. When the thermostat incorrectly measures temperatures or provides wrong signals to the heat pump, the system abruptly turns on and off. Assess your thermostat for dust accumulation or wiring faults as these could be the factors interfering with its functionality.

Clogged Air Filters

Dirty air filters prevent proper airflow, resulting in overheating and the system shutting down for safety. Replace your filter every 30 to 90 days. Doing so allows your system to work as designed. This is also a great way to improve your home’s air quality.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant leak affects the system’s ability to adequately absorb heat, resulting in irregular cycling. Refrigerant serves a crucial role in both heating and cooling your home. If you have a leak, your system will shut itself off.

Improper Sizing

An incorrectly sized heat pump struggles to satisfy your home’s heating demands, causing it to cycle frequently. Heating repair service providers can check the size and efficiency of your system to ensure it is appropriate for your home’s demands. If the existing system is too large, a replacement may be the only solution.

A heat pump that won’t stay on in the winter disrupts comfort and energy efficiency. Fortunately, our team has the experience and the knowledge to diagnose and resolve the problem for you. If short cycling or other problems persist, contact Arctic Air Systems for effective heat pump repair services to ensure uninterrupted warmth during the winter.

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