4 Ways That Heat Pumps Are Eco-Friendly in Clearwater, FL

Combating global warming and finding ways to become more energy efficient are excellent reasons why using a heat pump in Clearwater, FL, is beneficial. Knowing the ways your heat pump is eco-friendly will make you more informed.

1. Eliminates Fossil Fuel Use

Fossil fuels produce carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, which can be harmful to your indoor air quality. Heat pumps are entirely electrical, which eliminates the risk of filling your home with dangerous gases if there’s a leak, plus they don’t add to greenhouse gasses.

2. The Operating Cost Is Less When Using a Heat Pump

After our technicians install a heat pump for you, you’ll be happy to learn that it can cost considerably less to operate when compared to a resistance-based HVAC system. Using cleaner energy can help cut emissions of CO2 into the air and can be simultaneously affordable.

3. Reduces Electrical Costs

Proper installation of an air source heat pump can also help conserve energy. According to the US Department of Energy, it can deliver as much as 1 1/2 to 3 times more heat energy than it consumes in electricity once in place. Utilizing this HVAC equipment can help reduce the amount of electricity needed by a significant amount.

4. Compression, Not Resistance

Heat pumps generate heat and cool air by compressing refrigerant. This is the same kind of technology that your refrigerator uses to cool your food. A heat pump works in two directions; you can reverse it to both heat and cool your living space.

Traditional electrical furnaces work by heating a resistance coil. This is a much more power-hungry process and results in more expensive electrical bills.

Contact us at Arctic Air Systems today to receive a reliable HVAC maintenance service. We will help ensure your heating and cooling needs are being met effectively and efficiently.

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