5 Advantages of Getting a Thermostat Upgrade for Your Home

There are many advantages of a thermostat upgrade. Here a few benefits you’ll love when you make the switch in your Palm Harbor, Florida home:

Lowering Utility Bills

If you have an older thermostat model, you may be able to lower your utility bills by upgrading. Newer thermostats are more efficient than previous models. This is especially true if you have a manual thermostat. A programmable or smart thermostat can lower your bills significantly.

Greater Control

Choosing to upgrade to a smart thermostat that’s Wi-Fi compatible means you’ll be able to control your HVAC system from your phone or smart device. This gives you greater control over your system and allows you to turn your thermostat down remotely. You’ll be able to turn your system down when you don’t need it and back up when you’re coming home.

Energy Reports

When you upgrade to a newer thermostat, you may get access to monthly reports of your energy use. You can use this information to make adjustments so you can save money on your utility bills. Smart thermostats collect detailed information on your system’s efficiency and your family’s habits.


If you want to install a zoning system in your home, upgrading your thermostat is a wise decision. Upgrade your current thermostat to one that’s compatible with a zoning system. These two HVAC upgrades make your entire system much more efficient, and you’ll be able to customize temperatures in each zone of your home.

HVAC Health

Upgrading your thermostat can also extend the lifespan of your HVAC system. Since newer thermostats are more precise and efficient, it will send less mixed signals to your system, which means it will experience less wear and tear over time.

If you want to see how a thermostat upgrade can improve your home, give our team at Arctic Air Systems a call at (727) 877-3396. An efficient HVAC system and new thermostat can decrease your utility costs.

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