How to Reduce Your Home’s Utility Bills This Summer

Battling the summer heat and humidity in Largo, Florida, can be a costly proposition. In fact, air conditioning accounts for more than a quarter of all energy used in the state of Florida each year. With that in mind, every dollar you can save on cooling costs is important. To keep your utility bills under control this summer, consider adopting these simple cost-saving strategies.

Keep Your AC in Optimal Condition

Even if you have a high-efficiency air conditioner, you’ll only get great performance if your system is working optimally. As your system works to keep your home cool, the steady progression of routine wear slowly compromises its efficiency. To counteract this trend, make sure you schedule regular maintenance visits from a trusted HVAC contractor.

Develop Efficient Cooling Habits

In addition to your AC system, your own behavior can also make a big difference in your cooling costs. Simply dialing back your thermostat while you’re sleeping or away from home can significantly reduce your utility bills. Remember, too, that your system cools at the same rate regardless of your temperature settings. Avoid the temptation to impatiently set your thermostat too low. You can boost your savings even more by using fans to spread the cool air from your air conditioner around your home.

Have Your Ducts Serviced

When it comes to caring for your cooling system, don’t neglect your ductwork. Ducts and vents can easily become clogged with dust over time, obstructing airflow and robbing your AC of efficiency. Air leaks can also waste a huge amount of energy and compromise the performance of your entire cooling system. Having ductwork services performed by a professional HVAC contractor can keep your ducts clean, well-sealed and ready to deliver maximum savings.

Living in a hot and humid climate doesn’t have to mean paying outrageous summer utility bills. Together, these strategies can seriously boost your cooling efficiency and keep more money in your wallet. If that still isn’t enough, explore Arctic Air Systems’ expert air conditioning services or call (727) 877-3396 to find a solution that works for you.

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