Help! My Furnace in Largo, FL, Won’t Stop Running

A furnace that runs nonstop isn’t doing your home heating budget any favors. Here are some common reasons your furnace in Largo, FL, might run continuously and how to fix the problems.

It’s Your Thermostat Setting

Once you realize your furnace hasn’t stopped running, you first want to check the thermostat’s settings. If you recently started using your system, you might have accidentally switched the fan setting to ON, which means it’ll run continuously. You want the setting set to AUTO to ensure the furnace runs in cycles.

If the thermostat appears set correctly, it might need repairs. Thermostat malfunctions can break down communication with the furnace, causing operational issues. Wiring issues typically cause this problem. An HVAC professional can make these repairs and get your system working better in no time.

The Air Filter Needs Changing

A dirty air filter is another reason your furnace might run nonstop. The furnace’s filter needs regular changing to keep it from becoming clogged with dust and other household debris.

How often your filter needs changing depends on the type you use and household factors like the number of people living in the house, how many pets you have, f you smoke in the home or fry a lot of foods. While you can change your filter, it’s good to speak with an HVAC professional to determine the best changing schedule and filter type to use.

The Air Blower Is Damaged

Most of the time, a damaged blower prevents the system from running at all. However, there are times when it can cause the opposite problem, and the furnace runs nonstop.

If your thermostat is working fine and you’ve recently changed your air filter, turn off the furnace and call a trusted HVAC professional to troubleshoot the problem. Repairing the blower sooner saves you money on heating repairs, energy costs and prevents a total system breakdown.

The weather is typically mild in Largo, FL, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you rely on your furnace to keep your home warm. So, if your furnace runs nonstop, call Arctic Air Systems immediately for HVAC maintenance and a system diagnosis.

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