How to Know If Carbon Monoxide Is Leaking from Your Furnace

As the temperature plummets in Clearwater, FL, you rely on your furnace to heat your home. While the warmth from a furnace will keep you comfortable in the winter months, pay special attention to carbon monoxide leaks. Here is an overview of why carbon monoxide leaking from your furnace is dangerous and how you can detect a carbon monoxide leak.

Why Carbon Monoxide Is Dangerous

It’s important to maintain an HVAC system because it’s hard to detect the colorless and odorless carbon monoxide gas. Under normal conditions, a properly functioning gas furnace will vent the gas outside.

If the leak occurs, you’re likely to feel dizzy, weak and may get a severe headache. If untreated, the leak can cause severe medical problems, including death. To ensure your safety, there are three important signs of a carbon monoxide leak.

A Broken Metal Panel

A metal panel inside a furnace can cause a carbon monoxide leak. This metal panel separates the clean air going inside the home from the toxic fumes it vents outside. Any old or broken metal panel can easily cause fumes to mix with the clean air.

A Cracked Furnace Flue

Just like the metal panel, you should check the furnace flue. It is the round pipe at the top of the furnace that exits your home through the roof. Its role is similar to that of the metal panel, which means that a cracked or damaged furnace flue can also cause intoxication.

Visible Anomalies

If the furnace flame is yellow instead of blue or it flickers continuously, this could signal carbon monoxide fumes. Similarly, excess moisture on windows and streaks of soot around the furnace are also potential signs of a leak.

If you need a reputable company to ensure that your gas furnace doesn’t leak carbon monoxide, contact Arctic Air Systems. We offer top-rated heating repair solutions to residents of Clearwater, FL, and the surrounding areas.

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