How to Prepare Your HVAC System for Hurricane Season in Largo, FL

Is your system ready for the hurricane season? As a Largo, FL homeowner, giving yourself ample time for preparation is vital. Before you start assembling your hurricane emergency kit, it’s important to prep your HVAC system.

What to Do Before a Hurricane Hits

Conducting seasonal preventive maintenance and regular checkups is a great way to prep your HVAC for the hurricane season. It’s one way to reduce the need for replacements and expensive repairs once the season is over. Ensure that before facing the effects of a hurricane, your system is in the best possible condition.

Whether your HVAC system is old or new, if it’s not maintained before the storm, the damage sustained is the same. Place your outdoor unit safely on a concrete slab, and check to make sure its bolts are tight and secure. If possible, purchase a waterproof tarp to protect your outdoor unit from water damage.

What to Do During the Storm

Once the storm hits, you’ll need to turn your HVAC system off. Turning your temperatures lower than preferred before the storm is a great way to precool your home before turning off the system. Electric floor fans and ceiling fans can help you stay cool during this period.

What to Do After the Hurricane Passes

Once the storm has passed, don’t turn your HVAC system on immediately. First, contact an HVAC professional to inspect your system for damage.

Detecting damage and repairing it as soon as possible helps you avoid the huge cost of system replacement. Take pictures of any visible damage on your HVAC for insurance purposes.

Don’t wait for last-minute preparation. Schedule HVAC maintenance, so you’ll be ready for the stormy season. If you notice that something doesn’t look right after the storm, contact us at Arctic Air Systems to schedule an inspection and necessary repairs.

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