The Impact of a Dirty AC Air Filter in Largo, FL

Your air conditioner has a filter in the return vent that you should replace regularly. If you don’t change your AC air filter, the dirt and dust that it collects will have an adverse effect on cooling efficiency and your health. Read on to learn more about the impact of a dirty air conditioner filter in your Largo, FL, home.

Damage to the Fan Motor

Because a clogged filter restricts the circulation of air back into the AC system, the air conditioner will struggle to maintain a steady flow of cool air. For this reason, you may notice that the pressure at which the AC system blows decreases.

The worst part is it’s something that only a professional could catch during an HVAC maintenance visit, and that’s the damage that this restriction causes to your fan motor. You want to avoid a motor replacement for as long as possible.

Lukewarm Air

A clogged AC air filter cannot trap any more pollutants, so the dirt and debris go right through to the inside of the AC system and coat the components. The evaporator coil, in particular, will become dirty and grimy and fail to absorb heat from your home, which leads to lukewarm air. When this happens, you may feel that some rooms are warmer than others.

Water Damage and Unhealthy Air

The evaporator coil may also freeze due to the lack of warm air, and when that ice thaws and won’t go down the condensate drain, the water could cause structural damage. It can also invite biological contaminants that affect your health and leave behind a musty odor.

Largo, FL, residents can trust Arctic Air Systems when it comes to filter replacement and other AC repairs. Call today for an appointment. Our NATE-certified service technicians can accurately diagnose what’s wrong with your AC system and provide an upfront quote.

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