Poor indoor air quality can speed up wear on your expensive HVAC equipment and cause long-term health problems for your family. While your heating and cooling systems have built-in features to capture harmful particles, the latest technology is now powerful enough to remove up to 99 percent of contaminants from the air. If you have respiratory illness or want to ensure that your family is breathing healthy air, these three devices can help improve your Largo home’s IAQ:


The indoor humidity level is an important concern for Floridians. During milder weather, when we love to welcome in the tropical breeze, we can unintentionally increase the relative humidity in our homes. Moist air carries more dirt and dust and makes the air feel warmer. Adding a dehumidifier to your HVAC equipment is an efficient way to remove the excess water from the air before it travels through the ductwork.


While our tightly sealed homes provide significant energy savings, they also trap harmful pollutants inside. As a result, improper ventilation has become a major contributor to poor indoor air quality and higher energy consumption. Adding a whole-home ventilation system allows your HVAC unit to efficiently filter and exchange outdoor air for fresh indoor air. It also balances temperature with humidity while expelling dangerous particles.

Air Purifiers

Supplemental filtration devices, such as HEPA-certified air cleaners and air purifiers, zap indoor pollutants using heat, negative ions or ultraviolet technology. These devices excel at clearing your home of dust, pollen, dander and odors while some models are equipped with features to destroy bacteria, spores and gaseous chemicals floating around your home.

Contact Arctic Air Systemsto schedule an appointment with one of our air quality experts, who can audit your home for harmful contaminants. Based on your unique needs, we can then recommend quality products that will immediately improve your IAQ.

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